our three pastors:
Rev. Francis Edwards,

Rev. Paul Bergstresser,

Rev. Robert L. Cosmas,



Pastor Rob, as he likes to be called, is a graduate of the Florida State University, Samford University and Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. He possesses advanced degrees in theology and law and is passionate about proclaiming the gospel and teaching God’s Word. His bible-centered sermons dynamically engage the heart and mind. He believes that “the proclamation is an event, a happening where we encounter the Living God through the Law-Gospel Word!”

Pastor Rob is also committed to the principal of life-long learning, insisting upon quality Christian education for all ages.

As a cancer and stroke survivor, he has experienced the power of healing and prayer that our Lord has bestowed upon the Church. He has developed a specialized pastoral care ministry program


called Abundant Life to bring healing and hope to people in times of crisis.

Our pastor loves children and youth and serves as a chaplain at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital and coaches youth baseball.

In service to a variety of community and church boards, he leads by example, teaching the importance of the greater Church and the necessity of bearing Christ to a darkened world through service.

Pr. Rob brings a wealth of life experience to his pastoral ministry. Besides now serving in the ministry, he also was a lawyer and statewide prosecutor and a hospital trauma chaplain in adult and children’s settings. He came of age in Tehran during the downfall of the Shah.

Pastor Rob has served congregations large and small in


both Virginia and Florida. He is supported in ministry by his wife of twenty-three years, Janelle. They are raising three children in Winter Park with Molly, their trusty lemon-beagle; Becca, the guinea pig; and two fighting fish.

Pr. Rob enjoys writing, commenting on social trends, debating, and studying Jihadist Islam, history, ethics and contemporary culture.

He understands the Law but believes GRACE is God’s final word. He concludes that every breath is a gracious gift of God.

He said, “Luther’s Rose sums it all up--the cross has conquered my heart. As Christians we are always driving toward the cross at the heart of faith and life.”



Pastor Rob with his family;
with a parishioner at the Halloween party